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The Latin American Market and FiT-Free PV Systems Will Be the Focus of the CIS-ES 2012

The Conferencia de la Industria Solar 2012 will discuss the current opportunities in the Spanish PV sector: the internationalization of companies towards Latin America and new PV business models "post feed-in tariff" in Spain, following recent legislative amendments. The conference, the undisputed reference for the Spanish solar industry, will feature more than 30 experts that will explain the key features to understand why Latin America is the future PV market and will describe the medium term expectations for the Spanish PV sector, now that the recent electricity reform has been approved.

The sixth edition of the Conferencia de la Industria Solar 2012 (CIS-ES 2012) will take place on October 18th in Madrid at the Meliá Barajas Hotel. Organized by the German company Solarpraxis AG and with the support of the international business consultancy specialized in renewable energy eclareon, CIS-ES 2012 is the reference event in the sector and has established itself as the leading platform for analysis and discussion of solar business in Spain.

Following the recent legislative amendments in the field of renewable energy, the solar sector currently strives through an important transition process: The generalized cut-offs in all government support, coupled with the current economic crisis, make it necessary to seek for alternatives in international markets and to develop new business models to adopt at local markets.

Among the new markets to consider, Latin America is emerging as one of the most promising regions for the development of renewables in the upcoming years: The attractive economic growth rates, the growing energy demand and the vastness of natural resources make this region a clear bet for the renewable industry in both the short and medium terms. PV grid parity is already a reality in important areas of Brazil, Chile and Mexico and, given this situation, local governments are betting in a clear and consistent manner for the development of renewables (especially through the devising of net metering systems).

The Conferencia de la Industria Solar 2012 will provide an extensive overview of the most relevant aspects of the main Latin American markets: PV market and industry characteristics, renewable regulation, taxation, financing terms, etc. Existing business models and the position that European companies must adopt will also be discussed.

In addition to analyzing the major Latin markets, the conference will also address the future business models that will emerge in Spain and Europe in the next "post feed-in tariff" era. The recent increase in the electric rates in Spain (with even further increasing expected) combined with the continuous decrease in PV prices make the existence of grid parity inevitable. In this context, new business models will emerge and it will become necessary to anticipate the change to be favorably positioned.

The conference will provide the necessary tools to understand the future of auto-consumption and net metering schemes in Spain, the next formulas for demand management and their impact on PV (energy storage, electric vehicles, etc.), and the schemes of large PV parks aiming for direct sale of electricity to the electric pool or large customers (PPAs).

The event will include participation from government entities, associations, institutions, the financial world and private companies. This is a good meeting point for leading European companies and a major forum to exchange concerns and seek for partnership opportunities.

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