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3rd U.S. Solarpraxis PV Power Plants Conference hosted in Phoenix proved be a success

PV Power Plants conference prompted energetic discussion about the industry’s future outlook and developments

Solarpraxis AG
successfully hosted and organized another U.S. renewable energy conference focusing exclusively on large-scale solar power plants: PV Power Plants - USA 2011. The conference provided essential information for project developers, manufacturers, suppliers, insurers, builders, investors, energy service companies and law firms.

Two facility tours including Suntech and Power-One, Inc. were well visited and provided a great compliment to the well-attended C-level conference. The outlook of the future U.S. market remains optimistic and incentives and subsidies are needed now more than ever. Many Arizona residents recognize that this is an opportunity that the state needs to capitalize on now (especially for the residential market), otherwise the opportunity will pass and go to markets in other states and China.

Using examples and experience from the Arizona PV market, the concluding portion of the conference hosted a lively Clean Power Group Workshop, which consisted of a panel of ten experts and a crowd of thirsty listeners and contributors. It is this platform and interaction that provides the perfect environment to discuss current and future large-scale power plant developments.

The conference organizers received an overwhelming positive response from participants, including Ted Geisler of APS who expressed his company’s gratitude to be able to collaborate with many key industry leading firms and mentioned that, “the conference was well organized and added solid value to industry participants ranging from experienced solar executives to new market entrants”.

This February, Solarpraxis will host an Inverter and PV System Technology Forum, which will take place in San Francisco.

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