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2nd Inverter and PV System Technology Forum 2012: Mastering the challenges of grid integration

Enrolment has started for this international photovoltaics conference

The rapid increase in the number of solar power plants – and therefore the rising volume of locally produced electricity being fed into the grid – is posing huge challenges to the operators of both power-plants and the grid networks. To meet these, improved communication between the parties is as necessary as improved PV system control technology. Higher efficiency and lower costs are the demands facing manufacturers, project developers and planners alike in the PV industry. Recent developments in grid integration and in plant and storage technologies will be discussed at the 2nd Inverter and PV System Technology Forum. The event will take place on 23rd and 24th January 2012 in Berlin.

How much photovoltaic power can the grid tolerate, and what impact will 50, 60 or even 200 GW of additional solar energy have on grid stability? How must systems be configured and where is there potential for optimization so as to increase efficiency and reduce costs? Alongside these issues, the conference will take in current industry topics such as cost optimization for large-scale systems, plant operation and maintenance, reliability and system optimization, as well as inverters and their sizing. In addition, the role of photovoltaics in the energy supplies of the future and their contribution to network stability will be discussed.

The conference, organized by Solarpraxis AG, is aimed at developers, component manufacturers, energy utilities and grid-network operators, planners, investors, representatives from the semiconductor and electronics industries as well as those from politics, media and trade associations.

The 2nd inverter and PV System Technology Forum is being held at the Hilton Berlin Hotel. Approximately 300 participants are expected from all corners of the globe. The conference language will be English.

Registrations can be made online.


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