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Second issue “pv magazine Chinese edition“

Next to China particular emphasis on Korea, India, and Middle East

When it comes to the PV, it is almost impossible to ignore China. To look at the top-ten crystalline module manufacturers in the world it is immediately apparent. The first four are all Chinese manufacturers, which is actually no surprise because they are price leaders in the market. Over the past few years and with the help of this price advantage, they have been growing at such a high speed that it is difficult for the competitors from other parts of the world to keep up with them. Considering the current size of their production, so-called “economies of scale” are reducing costs and therefore helping to further expand their market share.

The booming region, when it comes to photovoltaic production, is Yangtze-Delta. This includes the provinces Zhejiang, Jiangsu as well as the metropolis Shanghai. The region in and around Shanghai represents more the advancement of PV-production in China.

pv magazine Chinese edition, the monthly B2B magazine by Solarpraxis AG, continues to present objective analyses of global players across all supply chains. In addition to cell, wafer and module manufacturers, international machine and plant producers will be looked at.

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